About us

Soundsquare Rentals specializes in sound reception and recording of original audiovisual works (film, TV programmes). Our sound equipment offers maximum technical and creative possibilities – multi-track digital recording, digital hybrid wireless signal transmission, etc. The facilities provided correspond to the highest technological standards available in the area of film sound recording.

We put great emphasis on an individual approach to every project and on the direct link to the processing of the recorded material during post production. This covers both technological and artistic aspects. Our sound crew is experienced not only in recording on the set, but also in post production work, which is reflected in their approach during the actual shooting. Besides their “executive” work, they are also able to provide consultations regarding sound in the various phases of a film/TV project – from recording, editing, re-recording mix, to the production of married prints. In cooperation with Soundsquare studio, we can offer a complete package of sound services.


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